Salmon Run

“The Adams River salmon run is the best best salmon run in BC!”

Every year in October, just around Thanksgiving the salmon come back to Adams River. Every four years there's a huge run and that is a signt and something to see for everyone! The river turns red with salmon as they struggle to spawn near the mouth.

You can walk along a self guided path and climbe down onto the river banks to see the salmon. There is information oN display explaining the run. The salmon come up the Fraser River, turn into the Thompson River and then split into the South Thompson at Kamloops, and then into Little Shuswap Lake, Little River, and then into Shuswap Lake and to the mouth of the Adams. It is an incredible journey and when they arrive they have lost their silver sheen and turned almost scarlet. It is easy to get there off the Trans Canada just past Chase.


The Quaaout lodge is located just within minutes from the Adams River where the salmon action is happening and provides a most comfortable place close to nature to stay and rest at while being in the Shuswap area for the salmon run.