Cultural Activities




The following workshops accommodate small or large group settings. They are presented in 2.5-hour time blocks, and the cost per group (maximum 20 pple) is $225.00
(Custom programming is available in consultation with the Cultural Coordinator. Contact information appears on the bottom of this page.)
Medicine Wheel
Learn how the traditional peoples of North America approached life in a balanced way, and how it still applies to our modern lives.
The 7 Teachings
Learn what the 7 teachings are, and how they direct us to lead our lives in a good and kind way.
Talking Circle
Take part in a talking circle – find out how they were used traditionally, and how they still apply to our modern lives.
Way of the Warrior
Once a person decides to walk the path of a warrior, they adhere to a code of ethics. Join us in discovering your inner warrior.
Coyote and Bannock
Make bannock around an open fire, and enjoy local trickster stories while you eat it with local berry jam and traditional tea.


Novice Art and Culture Sessions:  
The following 1.5-hour hands on activities are suitable for groups up to 25 participants. 
Cost: $10.00 per person/per activity
Birch Bark Book Marks
The traditional Secwepemc people of this territory used the bark of birch trees to construct canoes and baskets. Other parts of the tree were used as medicine. Using pieces of white birch create a unique bookmark.
Council Feathers
Using dyed feathers, and ribbon, create your own council feather as a symbol of respect, which everything on mother earth is to be afforded.
Rock Painting 
Create a Petroglyph using smooth river rocks, and gain an appreciation of their use and history.
Simple Beadwork
Learn the art of appliqué beadwork, which was used traditionally in decorating clothing and footwear.



Comprehensive Art & Cultural Sessions
The following4  sessions are timed for 3 hours each, are suitable for groups of 12 participants.  Cost: $15.00/person/per activity
Fish scale flower
Using dyed whitefish scales, make a 3 dimensional flower, with porcupine quill stems.
Birch Bark Basket
Make a small – 4-inch basket using Birch bark and cedar root.
Ponderosa Pine Needle Basket
Learn the technique of coiling on a small – 3-inch basket made from the needles of the Ponderosa Pine.
Moose/Caribou Hair Tufting
Hair tufting developed in the northern regions of North America, where Caribou and Moose are plentiful. Join us in learning the basic techniques of this art form.
Moccasin Making
1 Day Workshop: a.m. three hour session, and p.m. three hour session
Learn how to make your own pattern, and create a pair of commercial tanned deer hide moccasins, trimmed with rabbit fur.  This workshop is limited to 12 participants.
    Cost: $45.00/person
Hand Drum Construction
2-Day Workshop (An overnight period of time is needed to dry the rawhide on the frame).  Make your own 10 inch home tanned moose hide hand drum.  This workshop is limited to 12 participants.
    Cost: $55.00/person


General Policies:

  • Custom programming is available in consultation with the Cultural Coordinator. Contact information appears below
  • All above seminars and workshops must be booked at least 48 hrs. in advance
  • The workshops and seminars provided by our Cultural coordinator are subject to change through unforeseen circumstances & clients will be advised asap and alternative choices will be made available.  All above pricing is subject to applicable taxes (Provincial & Federal)


Please direct all Cultural Activities bookings & enquiries to:
Barbara Callihoe
Cultural Coordinator
Ph:  250-679-3203 


Biography for Barbara Callihoe

Barbara Callihoe is a North woods Cree descendant of the Plains people, an artisan and instructor of first nations art forms such as: Hide tanning, moccasin/mukluk making, basketry, moose hair tufting, horsehair embroidery, porcupine quillwork, beadwork, and carving.

She teaches Native Studies, Cultural Awareness and First Nations Art History at the collegiate level and as the Cultural Coordinator for Quaaout Lodge of the Shuswap Nation, promotes and implements cultural tourism programs.

With humour and a gift for storytelling, she communicates comfortably with people of varied backgrounds, ages, and cultures.